MPIGMinimum Practice Income Guarantee
MPIGMedicines, Pharmacy and Industry Group (Department of Health; UK)
MPIGMedicine-Pediatrics Interest Group (University of Alabama School of Medicine; Birmingham, AL)
MPIGMaster Plan Implementation Group (University of Washington)
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See DUNSIRE, Andrew, Manipulating Social Tensions: Collibration as an Alternative Mode of Government Intervention, MPIG Discussion Paper 93/7, Cologne: Max-Plank Institut fur Gesellschaftsforschung, 1993 (available at; SCOTT, Colin, Regulating Everything: From Mega- to Meta-regulation, 60 Administration, v.
This is not a replacement for MPIG removal, this is about practices on the brink and maybe having to close branches or remove services.
MPIG was agreed to by the Government when a new GP contract came into force in 2004 and offers doctors a guaranteed amount of cash every year.
The Government wants to scrap MPIG, saying it acts as a disincentive and means some practices can survive with just a few patients.
The MPIG has the backing of health ministers in all parts of the UK and will continue for as long as it is needed.
As part of the transaction, the hotel traded their property at 11 East 30th Street to MPIG.
They have come to call their servant leaders MPigs.
Read: We deserve to be called MPigs, Mbadi says after Duale raps MPs
They have been called MPigs. Now, nominated MPs are being called 'Slay queens," she protested.
"We have allowed ourselves to be called 'Mpigs' because of such conduct.
The term 'MPigs with their snouts in the trough' will come powerfully to mind.
Devolution: Governors, Senators, Dysfunctional Women Reps, MPigs and MCA's.