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MPIIMember Patient Identifiable Information (Kaiser Permanente)
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We therefore turn now to the multilevel policy involvement index (MPII) described above--our measure of multilevel policy involvement for each of the eighteen domains.
Most of the policy domains with high overall MPII scores will come as little surprise to Canadian multilevel governance scholars: domains such as climate change, poverty reduction, economic development, and housing have long been viewed as key cases in the study of multilevel governance.
Since our general approach to multilevel policy involvement includes both governments and non-governmental sectors, comparing the "All Actors" plot to the "Governments" plot in Figure 2 provides an additional useful perspective on the MPII scores.
We choose to augment the data on both MPII and LSP datasets.
Two Pascal TITAN GPUs with cuDNN v5.1are used to train the merged dataset of extended LSP and MPII. Both of these datasets provide the visibility of body parts and we use them as the supervision for occlusion signals during training.
In addition, we improve the performance of all keypoint locations from 88.5 to 89.5 on MPII dataset as shown in Fig.
A gold standard readmission discharge dataset was created by adding the unique patient identifiers from MPII to the Mayo-MHA discharge data linked by site-specific patient identifiers.
However, because we had patients' complete SSN in both the MPII and MN DC, we also tested the value of including the last four digits of the SSN as a potential anonymous linking factor.
Finally, DSSC was assembled by injecting a drop of electrolyte with [I.sub.2] (0.05 mol/L), Lil (0.5 mol/L), MPII (0.4 mol/L), 4-tert-butylpyridine (0.5 mol/L) in methoxypropionitrile (5 mL) into the aperture between the Ti[O.sub.2] porous film electrode and the PANI electrode.
The original MPII cooking videos have very high resolution.
We use the same setup for the MPII Cooking dataset except that we use the hashing size h =12.
The CPM was pre-trained using the MPII Human Pose Dataset, which contains over 25,000 images annotated body parts and contains over 400 human activities [8, 9].