MPIMMax-Planck-Institut für Mathematik (Germany)
MPIMMini-Physical Interface Module (Juniper)
MPIMMax-Planck-Institut für Meteorologie
MPIMMaster of Public Information Management (TIAS/NIMBAS master program)
MPIMMultipurpose Individual Munitions
MPIMMultipurpose Infantry Munition
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I also would not have sufficiently impressed my audience with my presentation at the MPIM in Hamburg in 1976--and might not have been invited to the institute soon thereafter.
City Council Leader Sir Albert Bore said a masterplan for the scheme, known as the Southern Gateway, would be published at MPIM as he met potential investors in London, at an event backed by the Prime Minister.
Differences in median number of PR and RT mutations between HIV-1 subtypes Number of class Differences of prevalence mutation between HIV-1 subtypes Number of TAMs Number of NNRTI Subtype B versus subtypes C, related mutations F and CRF Number of MPIM Number of class mutation OR * 95%IC p Number of TAMs 1.