MPLMMulti-Purpose Logistics Module (Italian-supplied modules for the International Space Station)
MPLMMulti Purpose Logistics Modules
MPLMMini-Pressurized Logistics Module
MPLMMyenteric Plexus-Longitudinal Muscle (abdominal muscle)
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The result of indirect combination of the PLM and the SDM is the modified power law model (MPLM).
To further clarify and facilitate the derivation of the MPLM, analogy of the PLM prediction in Figure 7a and the combined Couette-Poiseuille flow between plates in Figure 7b was used.
To that effect, one can insert Equations 9 and 10 into Equation 4 to obtain the MPLM.
The MPLM for x, y, and z directions can be given as
The MPLM is, therefore, a modified form of the Couette-Poiseuille equation.
In the next two subsubsections, the predictions of the MPLM will be compared with experimental data for two types of inlet configurations: wall inlet and ceiling inlet.
The prediction of the MPLM was then compared with the PLMK and experimental data.
* Five values (1/7, 0.5, 1, 1.5, and 2) were chosen for [n.sub.2] to investigate the effect of [n.sub.2] on the prediction of the MPLM. These values include the laminar ([n.sub.2] = 2) and turbulent ([n.sub.1] = 1/7) flow velocity profiles used for flow in ducts.
* To investigate the effect of the power law exponent [n.sub.1] on the prediction of the MPLM, [n.sub.1] was changed from 0.5 to 1.
Simulation of the MPLM was conducted for two cases: 15 x 3 x 5 cells and 15 x 3 x 10 cells.
Consequently, the SDM and the PLM should be combined with some modification using the indirect approach to get the MPLM. Although the prediction of the MPLM depends on the value of [n.sub.2], it is not case-dependent like the variation of [K.sub.x] and [K.sub.y].
This has made the prediction of the MPLM to be superior to all other zonal models.