MPLPMichigan Poverty Law Program
MPLPMichigan Political Leadership Program (Michigan State University)
MPLPModern Problems of Laser Physics (annual symposium)
MPLPMore Product, Less Process (archivists lexicon)
MPLPMake Pretty Light Pattern (computing)
MPLPModulated Power-Law Process
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He applies MPLP principles to an extensible processing program, which he defines as an iterative system for surveying and providing baseline access to all archival collections and for eliminating processing backlogs.
To promote effective collaborations and to work effectively in today's constantly changing world of communications technologies, archivists must be willing to adopt both an MPLP mindset (in which work done now need only be the baseline, not the ideal end goal) as well as an agile development mindset (in which change is expected and work can quickly adapt when needed).
Greene, "More Application while Less Appreciation: The Adopters and Antagonists of MPLP," Journal of Archival Organization 8 (2010): 174-226.
MPLP's annual dinner in southeast Michigan and breakfast in West Michigan are must-attend events, allowing newcomers to rub shoulders with the state's political celebrities.
To date, 450 people from across the state are MPLP graduates and a fifth of them have served or are currently serving in elective or appointive office.
"One of my proudest moments in life was creating MPLP," says Bob Mitchell, a legislative staffer, Democratic congressional candidate, consultant and now founder of Trans-Elect New Transmission Development Co.
From MPLP's ranks have emerged 100 past and present elected community leaders.
The MPLP model selected for the empirical analyses consists of five submatrices, each one representing a four-year time period equivalent to the length of each of the 10 crop production systems.
The album's out now on the band's own MPLP label visit www.