MPLS-TEMulti-Protocol Label Switching with Traffic Engineering
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MPLS-TE -- Multi Protocol Label Switching Traffic Engineering
In this paper we focus purely on fuzzy-CAC practical realization in MPLS-TE test network and provide experimental testbed description as well as the summary of the general practical results.
1, MPLS-TE network testbed, containing only 3 routers, allows just 2 hops to be made, while sending data flows through the network.
The current testbed uses 3 Cisco 2800 series routers in MPLS-TE configuration.
The proposed fuzzy CAC scheme shows promising results and can be used as the potential modification of the RSVP-TE CAC control mechanism to deal with multiple class traffic of next generation fast optical networks which are anticipated to operate under MPLS-TE control plane or GMPLS in the nearest future.