MPLS-TPMultiprotocol Label Switching - Transport Profile
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Vogel Telecom selected Coriant's state-of-the-art technology to efficiently support diverse service types (e.g., OTN, Ethernet, MPLS-TP, and SDH) and scale backbone network capacity to meet the evolving connectivity demands of its end-user customers, which include businesses, governments, service providers, data centers, and large telecom operators.
Finalmente se comparan los resultados encontrados en MPLS frente a las tecnologias MPLS-TP y GMPLS, con el fin de establecer cual es la mas optima en el envio de flujos de datos susceptibles a retardos.
Centec Networks, Suzhou, China, a leading innovator of carrier-grade IP/Ethernet switching silicon and advanced ODM/OEM system solutions, today announced the industry leading hardware based MPLS-TP OAM solution, supporting both BFD extension for MPLS-TP and GACH + Y.1731 (/ITU/-/T G.8113.1 or IEFT /BHH draft) standards.
New developments include Seamless MPLS, an architecture to scale networks to 100,000 or more nodes; and MPLS-TP, which provides infrastructure for MPLS-based transport networks.
Actus' Ganesh product line allows true network convergence by providing legacy SONET/SDH/PDH and latest Carrier Ethernet Access technologies like PBT/PBB-TE, L2/L3 Switch/router, MPLS, MPLS-TP, OAM, E-LINE/E-LAN services, Ethernet Ring Protection and Circuit Emulation.
The MN5000 series has adopted MPLS-TP to enable the creation of packet based transport networks that offer monitoring of high precision/quality communications, conversion of high speed redundancy systems and advanced operations and maintenance (OAM)(2), which enables existing networks to provide carrier grade reliability, maintenance and operation.
Additionally, Cienas 3930 Service Delivery Switch as well as 5142 and 5160 Service Aggregation Switches, give Marcatel a seamless, end-to-end Carrier Ethernet solution to support the aggregation of traffic using MPLS-TP as well as SDN/NFV techniques that lay the foundation for a reliable and flexible infrastructure to support future advanced services.
Deployed throughout Interoute's UK network infrastructure, the MEF-certified 7090 solution supports cost-effective Ethernet service delivery using MPLS-TP technology, which combines the resiliency and predictability of carrier-grade transport with the efficiencies of packet technology.
Coriant, a global supplier of SDN-enabled end-to-end transport networking solutions, today announced that the Ministry of Communications of Turkmenistan has deployed a new national backbone network with best-in-class coherent DWDM, MPLS-TP, and service management technologies from Coriant.
UTStarcom (NASDAQ: UTSI) said it has launched its latest MPLS-TP and carrier Ethernet-based packet optical transport network product to help telecommunications carriers quickly and easily deploy new technology and services to meet the rapidly evolving needs of consumers.
The mTera UTP is a flexible multiservice transport solution that supports software-defined Universal Switching, including OTN, Carrier Ethernet, MPLS-TP, and SONET/SDH in a single, power-efficient system architecture.
Using technologies such as MPLS-TP and G.8032, Ritter has assembled a network that provides both ease of deployment and high reliability enabling rigorous service level agreements.