MPLTMarching Pride of Lawrence Township (Indianapolis, IN)
MPLTMiddle Park Land Trust (Granby, CO)
MPLTMarianas Public Land Trust (est. 1978)
MPLTMemory Production Logging Tool
MPLTMiddle Peninsula Land Trust (Mathews, VA)
MPLTMouse-Primed Lymphocyte Typing (aka Murine Primed Lymphocyte Typing)
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[9] Sung-Wan Hong, Sang-hui Park, Tae-Hwang Kong, and Gyu-Hyeong Cho, "Inverting buck-boost DC-DC converter for mobile AMOLED display using real-time self-tuned minimum power-loss tracking (MPLT) Scheme with Lossless Soft-Switching for Discontinuous Conduction Mode," IEEE J.
COMPARISON WITH OTHER REPORTED WORKS [7] [9] Year 2009 2015 Mode PWM MPLT Technology 0.5[micro]m BiCMOS 0.35[micro]m BCD Chip area [[mm.sup.2]] 4.1 2.9 Output ([V.sub.N]) -5 ~ -8 -4.9 Load current (mA) ~ 240 5 ~ 300 Switching freq.
More specifically, if A is recoded as "0", B is recoded as "1", and C is recoded as "2", the RRM (5) can also be viewed as an instance of the Multidimensional Polytomous Latent Trait (MPLT) model (Kelderman & Rijkes, 1994)--but it should be noted that the three response options A, B and C are not ordered, in the RRM framework.