MPMLMinor Planet Mailing List (asteroids and comets)
MPMLMultimodal Presentation Markup Language
MPMLMain Profile/Main Level
MPMLModified, Perfectly Matched Layer
MPMLManual of Pakistan Military Law
MPMLMonty Python's The Meaning of Life (movie)
MPMLMid-Pacific Marine Laboratory
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Recently, an isolated MPML deficiency test has been described in which the examiner places a proximal-lateral force at the distal-medial insertion site of the MPML on the patella with the knee in 0[degrees] to 10[degrees] of flexion.
Patients with recurrent instability will classically show either rupture or attenuation of the MFPL (up to 87% from the origin off the femoral condyle (32)), as well as potential involvement of the MPML. Articular cartilage defects may be evaluated, as well as the presence or absence of bone bruising, most often found on the outer border of the lateral femoral condyle and the inferomedial aspect of the patella.
The reflection error brought about by the Liao's ABC, MPML and CPML are graphed in Fig.
And now MPML have been unable to reach an agreement over reduced rent payments with the land owner - Titan Properties Ltd - meaning they have now been placed in to administration.
where A0 represents original absorbance of MB solution at 664 nm, A is residual absorbance of MB at lmax after irradiation by MPML.
MPML is a markup language suitable for controlling actions of characters similar to the real world.
Although there are already script languages derived from XML, such as MPML or AIML, these languages cannot defined the narrative structure or have difficulties in generating the variety of stories.
"MPML: A markup language for controlling the behavior of life-like characters." Journal of Visual Languages and Computing, pp.
The ratings continue to reflect MPML's moderate gearing, and established relationships with customers.
CRISIL believes that MPML's financial risk profile will deteriorate over the medium term because of its large debt funded capex.
Sandeep Jain, MPML manufactures writing and printing paper (WPP) and newsprint paper.
The reflection error brought about by the MPML and CPML are graphed in Fig.