MPMTMulti Process Multi Thread
MPMTMultiple Primary Malignant Tumors (cancer)
MPMTMean Preventive Maintenance Time
MPMTMargaret Pyke Memorial Trust (UK)
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Working to enhance its comprehensive production system in Thailand for engines, transmissions and complete vehicles, Mazda has invested an additional 22.1 billion yen to establish the machining factory and increase the capacity of the existing engine assembly line in order to raise engine production capacity at MPMT from 30,000 to 100,000 units per year.
Congratulations on the opening of MPMTs engine machining factory, said Kogai in his remarks at the ceremony.
"We are delighted to open this new engine machining factory," said MPMT President and CEO Mitsunobu Mukaida.
The annual production capacity of MPMT's engine assembly plant, which began full-scale production in October 2015, is 30,000 units.
"By increasing production capacity and starting up the new engine machining factory as scheduled with quality assured, Mazda intends to further develop MPMT as its first overseas hub for engine export, thereby improving our global production efficiency and contributing to the development of Thailand's automotive industry."
Its two-shot molds offer the following benefits: in-mold assembly--consolidation of several parts into one molded part eliminates the need for costly secondary assembly; durability of graphics--compared with painted or printed graphics, two-shot graphics are virtually indelible, as permanent as the part itself; improved customer appeal--soft-touch grips (the largest growth sector of two-shot molding, MPMT says) improve the perceived quality of a product.
Its World Mold is particularly suited for companies who operate on a global basis, whose products must therefore meet ASTM, ISO, CAMPUS (registered trademark of CWFG, Germany), and possibly other specs--not to mention customers' requirements, MPMT says.
The engine plant at MPMT was established in response to the second phase of the Thai government's Eco-Car program* which applies preferential taxation to fuel efficient, low-emission vehicles.
MPMT also designs two-shot parts and the molds that product them.
Annual production capacity at MPMT is around 400,000 units and in combination with Hofu Plant in Japan, the new plant will raise Mazda's annual production capacity to approximately 1,540,000 units globally.
Because the simultaneous molding and fitting together of two parts requires not only specific design considerations but also careful selection of materials and machine configurations, MPMT will assist customers throughout the project development process.