MPMWMount Pleasant Media Workshop (Southampton, UK)
MPMWMatched Population Mean Weight
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In the recent very detailed review [1] provided a development historical perspective of the MPMW traditional technologies and highlighted the state of the art on modeling, coil design, sheet metal forming, tube forming, crimping, welding, cutting, spring-back calibration and hybrid processes including the Magnetic-Pulsed Methods.
These inventions defended by the national patents are evidence not only of advancement in the marked new direction of the modern MPMW. They open the real possible ways for creation of the progressive industrial technologies in the present and probably in a future.
Not stopping on the known components of the power source in equipment for the MPMW let us point out the main feature of the represented magnetic-pulsed installation is a work in regime automatically repeating force action pulses with repetition preset frequency (till ~ 10 Hz).