MPNNModified Probabilistic Neural Network (intrusion detection technology)
MPNNMinnesota Provider Nutrition Network (St. Paul, MN)
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Hence, it cannot analyze and distinguish new intruders immediately while it suffers from the unknown assaults, whereas AIHIDS detects the attackers with the use of MPNN. The difficulty with the LEACH-based implementation is that the resources of the cluster head are less than the base nodes.
To identify the Sybil attack, we propose the Advanced Sybil Attack Detection Algorithm (ASADA) with fuzzification method along MPNN; it is utilized to separate the Sybil node and the legitimate node even if it has the highest mobility through the verification process.
AHIDS utilize the fuzzy based MPNN, which contains the FFNN and BPNN of supervised learning approach in order to identify the all three attackers with the help of fuzziness rules set.
In a cluster-based wireless sensor network, the data packets move through the base node and are forwarded from the neighbor of cluster heads to the MPNN, in which they moved to FFNN.
The proposed work is based on MPNN, consisting of FFNN along with BPNN, and is applied in this study in order to provide the highest detection rate in the supervised learning approach.
Caption: Figure 11: Dynamics of cascade structure of MPNN and fuzzy PI with convenient fuzzy PI one.
IAE MPNN Fuzzy controller PI (cascade (single Process Disturbance structured) feedback) Acid stream flow rate 3.333 17.650 pH reactor Acid stream flow rate 5.077 20.656 Setpoint 8.598 14.190 Setpoint 9.022 15.169
For hop = 1, the MPNN evaluates PEs in the sequence of Left, Down, Right and Top.
The search space of MPBN strategy is similar to MPNN. In contrast to MPNN that maps the task on the first free supported PE, the MPBN evaluates all the PEs at the same hop distance and then selects the one imposingminimum path load.
Results obtained from our proposed Manhattan heuristics MPNN and MPBN are compared with existing run-time mapping heuristics PNN and PBN reported in [3].
First, the proposed approaches MPNN and MPBN reduce the execution time when compared to the PNN and PBN, respectively.
Apesar da adocao de um posicionamento estrategico baseado na geracao de valor ao cliente e na construcao de relacionamentos, o modelo de negocio nao permitiu que fosse atingido um ponto de equilibrio sem levar em conta os beneficios da MPNN, resultado divergente do plano de acao inicial (as vendas anuais do T4 se estabilizaram em torno de 900 a 1000 veiculos).