MPOC-SPMeasures of Processes of Care for Service Providers
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Rosenbaum, personal communication, November 17, 2009), we compared the parent MPOC-20 domain scores against the health care professional MPOC-SP domain scores as follows: providing specific information (PSI) and communicating specific information (CSI), providing general information (PGI) and PGI, enabling and partnership (EP) and showing interpersonal sensitivity (SIS), and respectful and supportive care (RSC) and treating people respectfully (TPR).
Descriptive statistics for the imputed scores for each of the MPOC-SP and MPOC-20 domains are summarized in Table 1.
In addition to comparisons between parents and health care providers, we conducted nonparametric tests to test for median differences between the four groups on health care professionals; no significant differences (p > .05) were found by professional discipline for any of the four health care provider MPOC-SP domains.