MPOIMass Public Opinion Institute (est. 1999; Harare, Zimbabwe)
MPOIMaster Program Of Instruction
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While some of these devices, like the Jitterbug phones, are specifically designed for older users (larger text and buttons), the growing market for simple, elegant "dumbphones" has produced at least one beauty: the MPOI from Swiss-based Punkt.
where MPOi is the value to be calculated, 350 is the suggested concentration in [micro]g/L, n is the number of replicate samples, and z is 1.64 for a 1-sided 95% confidence interval (5).
Who told the truth, the Tsvangirai-Civic Society group who said people in Harare did not want to participate in the Senate election, or the MPOI opinion poll which showed that 75% of respondents in Harare were in favour of participation two months before the election?