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However, C/N ratio of fPOM was significantly lower than of cPOM and mPOM. This suggests that, although these soils have different effects in controlling SOM accumulation, the processes of C and N translocations in POM fractions may not differ from one soil type to another in the current study.
Nevertheless, the latter had a higher POM status; C content was higher under the Chromolaena in POM fractions mPOM and fPOM than forest; and N content of cPOM was also higher in the Chromolaena than in forest.
C and N concentrations and ratios in different POM size fractions cPOM-C, mPOM-C, fPOM-C: C concentration in coarse, medium, and fine POM fractions; cPOM-N, mPOM-N, fPOM-N: N concentrations in coarse, medium, and fine POM fractions fPOM-C cPOM-N Sites cPOM-C mPOM-C (%) Rhodic Kandiudult 46.62 51.33 28.90 1.13 Typic Kandiudult 43.58 45.43 27.71 1.08 Typic Kandiudox 44.43 48.53 29.77 1.33 Standard error 2.54 4.92 1.30 0.20 Sites mPOM-N fPOM-n Rhodic Kandiudult 1.38 1.40 Typic Kandiudult 1.48 1.31 Typic Kandiudox 1.53 1.58 Standard error 0.20 0.20 cPOM mPOM fPOM Sites C/N Rhodic Kandiudult 41.26 37.20 20.64 Typic Kandiudult 40.35 30.70 21.15 Typic Kandiudox 33.40 31.72 18.84 Standard error 3.40 2.51 1.01 Table 4.