MPOPMinimum Point of Penetration
MPOPMultiple Points of Presence
MPOPMalaysian Pop (music)
MPOPMerchandising, Personalization & Optimization Platform
MPOPMinimum Point of Presence (telecommunications)
MPOPMain Point of Presence
MPOPMain Point of Penetration
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(4) Civil works, duct, cable, manholes and sleeves for the access line between the customer and the MPoP as well as the ODF and the associated floorspace are a fixed cost for the NetCo and therefore not driven by the penetration.
(3) MPoPs are the access nodes equivalent to the MDF in a copper network.
Dealer Teamwork, an SaaS company creating solutions for the retail automotive industry, has announced that its patented MPOP for automotive is co-op eligible for FCA US's Digital Advertising and Website Creative Programs.
As an approved vendor, Dealer Teamwork will offer a variety of products from the MPOP, including New, Used and Service Marketing and Facebook Share, Email Builder and Paid Search Management from a team of Google-certified support reps.
The only investment in this case is a large manhole (no plant room setup and rental, no active equipment and power that is considered in the Greenfield setup of the active MPoP locations).
Some positions such as floorspace rental and MPoP energy costs are also calculated bottom-up as direct cost.
It provides one fibre for every customer between the customer and the MPoP. FTTH/PON uses GPON technology to light a Point-to-Multipoint passive network topology with remote splitters in the field.
It is immediately evident that the passive network from the ODF-port at the MPoP to the sleeve at the street in front of the building accounts for by far the largest share of total investments (at least 2/3).
The differences between point-to-point and point-to-multipoint topologies lie in the distribution point, the feeder segment and the ODF at the MPoP which are all part of the line FTTR in table 1.
Considering that the latter architecture is much more flexible regarding future bandwidth requirements and in addition enables unbundled access to fibre at the MPoP this appears to be a strong argument in favour of such a hybrid concept.
Even in the feeder segment between distribution point and MPoP GPON only has limited cost savings in a Greenfield environment because civil works have to be conducted anyway and do not scale much with the observed fibre count.
(3) Fibre to the Road: drop network, distribution point, feeder network, customer sided ODF-ports at the MPoP and associated floorspace.