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MPRA was formed in 2014 to spur the growth of the plastic recycling industry, and act as a medium with the government and regulators.
The Pension Accountability Act is a targeted, technical fix to amend the voting procedures under the MPRA to help Ohio workers who are being shut out of the reform process.
Even though teaching is based on content, it is not only knowledge of such content that is displayed in the teaching practice seen through MPRA, but also a set of sources and knowledge bases used to teach that suggest the breath and characteristics of such reflection.
We successfully demonstrated the capability of the MPRA community to react quickly and effectively to operational requirements in the farthest corners of the globe.
The prioritization scheme and the MPRA architecture for 4 and 8 tasks were implemented and analyzed on Cyclone V, including: the adaptation and the implementation in Verilog code of the basic elements of the CPU (control unit, data memory and instruction memory, hazard detection unit, forward units, ALU, multiplexers); the Verilog code for the structures with the multiplied and multiplexed specific nMPRA resources: the PC register, the pipeline registers, the Register File and any other memory element.
Zaman, Gheorghe, and Georgescu, George (2014), "Absorption of structural and cohesion funds in Romania: The account of 2007-2013 period and lessons learnt for the current financial period," MPRA Papers.
"Counteracting tax evasion in Malawi: An analysis of the methods and a quest for improvement," MPRA (Munich Personal RePEc Archive) Paper No.
Cuts are allowed under the Multiemployer Pension Reform Act of 2014 (MPRA) for multiemployer defined benefit (DB) plans in critical and declining status.
Oteng, Bound Testing Approach: An Examination of Foreign Direct Investment, Trade and Growth Relationships, MPRA Paper No.Vol 3(52): 1-19 (2006).
Natural hazards and disaster management in Pakistan, 12 October2008, online available at:, MPRA Paper No.11052, 2008.
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