MPRFMadhesi People's Right Forum
MPRFMedium Pulse Repetition Frequency
MPRFMotion Picture Relief Fund
MPRFMonetary Policy Reaction Function (economics)
MPRFManta Pacific Research Foundation
MPRFMaritime Patrol and Reconnaissance Forces
MPRFMajor Product Release Features (Lucent)
MPRFMontcalm Potato Research Farm (Michigan State University)
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The conduct of the 2nd MPRF is in line with the 2016 Development Policy Research Month (DPRM), a nationwide event that aims to promote and draw nationwide awareness on the importance of policy research in the formulation of sound development plans, programs, and policies.
For the MPRF, TCAS provides the proven benefits available for many years to commercial aircraft, and a control to reduce the risk highlighted by a number of near-midair collisions that our community has experienced in preceding years.
Our transition to the MPRF as a mix of manned and unmanned aircraft demonstrates the Navy's belief that unmanned systems enhance existing mission communities by extending their reach and persistence, while maintaining the flexibility and on-scene decisionmaking of manned aircraft.
MPRF chairman Mohammed bin Abdul Aziz Al-Hehizan said the two-day forum features the latest developments in public relations.
The prime minister also inducted the MPRF central member Bijay Kumar Yadav as Minister for Commerce and Supplies in the cabinet.
The appointed seats were distributed across the parties in the following manner CPN-M 9, NC 5, UML 5, MPRF 2, SP 1, CPN-Marxist Leninist 1, People's Front Nepal 1, Nepal Workers and Peasants Party 1, and TMDP 1.
The 52 seats of the MPRF represent 8.7% and the 20 seats of the TMDP represent 3.3%.
An improved radar transmitter and receiver provide good frequency agility and allow variable waveforms: low, medium, and high pulse-repetition frequency (LPRF, MPRF, and HPRF, respectively).
(37) Archives of the University of Notre Dame, Indiana (hereafter AND), microfilm papers of the Apostolic Delegate to the United States, from Propaganda Fide, Rome (hereafter MPRF), 74/657-659 (#203), note of Brennan requesting dismissal.
In a cooperative effort with the wTe Corp., the APC continues R&D at the pilot-scale Multi-Product Recycling Facility (MPRF) in Boston.
In one part of the cooperative effort, the APC and WTE Corp., a waste-processing and recycling company in Bedford, Mass., began operation of the Multi-Products Recycling Facility (MPRF) at a WTE site in Boston at the end of 1993.