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MPRIMilitary Professional Resources Inc.
MPRIMidwest Proton Radiotherapy Institute
MPRIMilitary Professional Resources Incorporated (Alexandria, VA)
MPRIMannose 6-Phosphate Receptor, Cation-Independent
MPRIMember of the Plastics and Rubber Institute (UK)
MPRIMultiphoton Resonance Ionization
MPRIMichigan Prison Reentry Initiative
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This MPRI project will help build a database containing detailed hydrocarbon contaminant profiles and chemical concentrat
MPRI moved to execute its contract as soon as it received U.S.
The PMCs Executive Outcomes, Blackwater USA (now Xe), MPRI, and Kellogg, Brown and Root (KBR) will be used as case studies to highlight these categories.
(105) See id at 21 (detailing reasons behind formation of MPRI).
A few months ago, I sat in on an MPRI employment readiness seminar at the Oakland County parole office.
Businesses and organizations attending include MPRI, IBM, Grant Thornton Global Public Sector, Lockheed Martin Corp., TSA, EG&G, Immigration and Customs Enforcement, educational institutions, financial institutions, and many more.
Responses to the question came from civilian contractors (MPRI, DynCorp), military mentors, and civilian advisors.
DynCorp International handled IPAs who were tasked with the operational mentoring of the IPS in stations, districts, and provincial headquarters (active IPS forces); and Military Professional Resources, Incorporated (MPRI), handled IPA trainers who were responsible for the establishment, operation, and mentoring of Iraqi police instructors within various provincial and MoI-sponsored, initial-entry and specialized police training academies.
In the midst of this arrangement was the Military Professionals Resources Incorporated (MPRI) NATO Weapons Team.
31, 2009, Kabul, Afghanistan; note that Nickerson, Pankey, and Ferrell were all of MPRI (contractor).
Singer of the Brookings Institute reported that in 1996 he met members of Military Professional Resources Incorporated (MPRI), a Virgina-based private military company, somewhere in Bosnia where the company was conducting training of the Bosnian military.