MPRRSMovie Peer Review Rating System
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For these tests, the restrictions were the FSN, exhaust gas temperature, MPRR and the PFP (see Table 4).
Typically, with increasing engine speed the MPRR is reduced due to faster piston movement.
However, combustion modes such as HCCI and PCCI are not feasible for the whole engine load range due to either high HC- and CO-emissions or high MPRR. Thus, an advanced concept for in-cylinder fuel blending, namely RCCI, was discussed in literature.
MPRR is slightly reduced with increasing ethanol content.
Moreover, the MPRR is higher than at DICI operation.
* At the higher loads, RCCI operation was successful in terms of emissions and MPRR. An advanced Diesel injection was used to achieve very smooth pressure rises with reduced MPRR; CO-, HC- and N[O.sub.x]-emissions compared to dual-fuel operation with Diesel pilot injection.