MPS.BRMelhoria de Processo de Software Brasileiro (Portuguese: Brazilian Process Improvement Model)
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Measurements in MPS.BR start at level F and go up to A, and must be aligned with business objectives and needs for strategic information of software developing companies, thus providing quantitative performance pointer for projects and working activities (SOFTEX, 2012a.) The measurement process goes through all MPS.BR maturity levels (F to A) and is represented by the 4th Process Attribute Result (RAP 4).
* being evaluated from level 2 or above with CMMI (Sei, 2010) or from level G or above in MPS.BR (SOFTEX, 2012a).
Companies A and B used the MPS.BR as the foundation for the AF05 (Software Process Measurement Planning).
MPS.BR: A Tale of Software Process Improvement and Performance Results in the Brazilian Software Industry (pp.