MPSBMerit Systems Protection Board
MPSBMetropolitan Police Special Branch (UK)
MPSBMultimedia Prospect Sdn. Bhd. (Malaysia)
MPSBMercantile Point Sdn. Bhd. (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia)
MPSBMorehouse Parish School Board (Bastrop, LA)
MPSBMidline Posterior Spinal Block
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In the MPSB process, the shape adjustment is based on the spatial contour of the target parts.
In the MPSB process, the stages from (2) to (5) should be quasi-static with the explicit, dynamic version of the ABAQUS/Explicit.
In the MPSB process, the element R3D4 was used to model the die units, limit screw, and clamp because it did not undergo deformation.
Numerical Analysis of the Shape Accuracy in the MPSB
In the MPSB process, the number of die units not only affects the manufacturing cost of 3D forming parts but also causes its shape accuracy, stress, and strain to change.
Therefore, the research on springback is indispensable in the MPSB process.
In MPSB research, MPSB frameworks are constructed for management disciplines, such as information systems design, management accounting and logistics management (Ho, 1996).
logistics, as dominated by the hard systems perspective (Mears-Young, 1995), it is not compatible with the multi-perspective stance adopted in MPSB research.
MPSB frameworks, as structures of knowledge, are useful in the sense that they `allocate attention, facilitate encoding and retrieval from memory and so help to interpret experience, provide a basis for inference, and speed problem solving' (Walsh, 1995).
The task of formulating MPSB frameworks is facilitated by referring to the existing systems literature that reviews the various systems methodologies, as well as on CST and systems methodologies grounded on it, notably the TSI approach of Flood and Jackson (1991).
Their MPSB framework also considers the technical interest, the practical interest, and the emancipatory interest as put forward by Habermas (1972), which correspond to the unitary, pluralist and critical perspectives of the framework (Ho and Sculli, 1995a, 1995b).