MPSOModified Particle Swarm Optimization (algorithm)
MPSOMedical Practitioner Supply Order (New Zealand Ministry of Health)
MPSOMilwaukee Police Supervisors Organization (Milwaukee, WI)
MPSOMemetic Particle Swarm Optimization (computer science)
MPSOMonetary Payment Supervision Order (UK criminal system)
MPSOMan-Portable Stand-Off
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A new method for economic dispatch in power systems using MPSO technique which circumvents most of the difficulties associated with classical optimization techniques.
The MPSO architecture, and Octopus functionality, is positioned to extend Nucleus' small footprint design into a scalable architecture for companies challenged with accommodating the diverse types of business users, data, and applications (e.
The Octopus functionality within the new Nucleus MPSO architecture delivers a much needed set of capabilities for organizations trying to implement, manage, control, and maximize any DSS, CRM, ERP, or BI system," said Kevin M.
The turbo MUD employs MPSO algorithm, which has improved global search capability and rapid convergence compared with other EP algorithms.
In Figure 1, the MPSO aided Turbo MUD portrayed by appropriated changing the optimisation weight factor (OWF) for [?
The system is analyzed with ten known users and three unknown users using MPSO algorithm based LogMAP is considered for studying the BER Vs SNR performance in various scenarios.
2 illustrates the BER performance comparison of the Log MAP based Turbo MUD, PSO based Turbo MUD and MPSO based Turbo MUD of MC-CDMA system for iteration 5 over Rayleigh Channel respectively.