MPSOModified Particle Swarm Optimization (algorithm)
MPSOMedical Practitioner Supply Order (New Zealand Ministry of Health)
MPSOMilwaukee Police Supervisors Organization (Milwaukee, WI)
MPSOMicropayment System Operator
MPSOMemetic Particle Swarm Optimization (computer science)
MPSOMonetary Payment Supervision Order (UK criminal system)
MPSOMan-Portable Stand-Off
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Meanwhile, Kok said in Sabah, only 10,300 hectares or 47 per cent of the 223,000 hectares under oil palm have achieved the MPSO certification.
It is also a duty of the MPSO to interact and mobilize equipment and implement contingency plans for rehabilitation and relief operations with other government agencies.
MMDA Chairman Danilo Lim said the MPSO will also "provide timely information regarding monitored disasters, hazards and emergencies.
Section (4) presents task scheduling algorithm that uses MPSO and formulate the mathematical model.
The structure of each particle in MPSO algorithm for designing PID controller is X = [kp, ki, kd] n * 3
It turns out that QPSO becomes a special case of our MPSO by choosing a special probability density function.
In MPSO algorithm, to update the velocity matrix at each iteration k, every particle should know its personal best (pbest) and the global best (gbest) position vectors in addition to the neighbor best position vector [26].
In order to demonstrate the superiority of MPSO in the conformal array pattern synthesis, in each simulation, the performance of MPSO is compared with SPSO and GA.
In the meantime, the government will bear all the costs for MPSO certification for the existing 70 per cent of applicants whose plantation size is between 40-100 acres,' he said.
Then, the MPSO initializes the particles with the existing sampling pattern comprising 251 points.
Dgm (Ops), Mpso Indian Oil Corporation Ltd Mp State Office, 16- Arera Hills.