MPSPCMountain Province State Polytechnic College
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8 ruling, found the teachers guilty of violating civil service rules for taking part in protest rallies that rocked the MPSPC Bontoc campus, over the community's apparent dissatisfaction with former MPSPC president Nieves Dacyon's performance.
But MPSPC has not enforced the CSC ruling, and the teachers continue to remain part of its faculty, Sokoken said.
In a July 2011 complaint, MPSPC Faculty Club urged the board of trustees to remove Dacyon for her "gross insensitivity to faculty benefits, allegedly flawed work assignments for personnel, gross partiality, personnel harassment, lack of transparency, inequitable distribution of supplies and office equipment and questionable designation of [the 2011 MPSPC vice president for academic affairs]."
But the complaint was filed after the July 1 incident, when a group of protesters barged into Dacyon's office with a prepared resignation letter addressed to the MPSPC board that she signed under duress.
Three of the students who took part in the rally have graduated but have not been cleared by MPSPC due to the lingering conflict.