MPSRONMaritime Prepositioning Ship Squadron
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In a worst-case scenario, however, in which logistic footprint constraints preclude a substantial HSS presence ashore, these sea-based hospital beds in the MPSRON and the strike group could be the only inpatient casualty holding capacity available to the combatant commander for up to 2,000 nautical miles.
The Navy has pursued an MPF (Enhanced) program to add a ship to each MPSRON. An MPF (Enhanced) squadron will consist of five or six ships, The reason for this expansion is to create additional capacity in each MPSRON in order to embark naval mobile construction battalion ("Seabee") assets, a Navy fleet hospital, and an expeditionary airfield.
The Maritime Pre-positioning Force is divided into three Maritime Pre-positioning Ship Squadrons (MPSRONs).
Personnel deployed globally in support of all three Maritime Prepositioned Squadrons (MPSRONS), Marine Expeditionary Forces (MEF), both Naval Beach Groups, the MPF maintenance cycle, and the National Science Foundation.