MPSSMirror Polished Stainless Steel
MPSSMulti Point Signaling Server
MPSSModular Payload Support Structure
MPSSMassively Parallel Signature Sequencing
MPSSMission Planning and Scheduling System (US NASA)
MPSSMethylprednisolone Sodium Succinate
MPSSMultiple Page Size Support
MPSSMinistry of Public Safety and Security (Canada)
MPSSMainz Pain Staging System
MPSSMacpherson Secondary School (Singapore)
MPSSMIC (Many Integrated Core) Platform Software Stack (Intel)
MPSSManning Primary Safety System
MPSSMcKinnon Park Secondary School
MPSSMultipoint Signaling Server (Clarent)
MPSSMetropolitan Programs and Summer Sessions
MPSSMinnesota Physicians Support Services (program)
MPSSMilitary Personnel Support Staff (Canada)
MPSSManaged Premises Security Services
MPSSMulti Purpose Space Station
MPSSMarket Price Supply Service
MPSSMost Productive Software Size
MPSSMembers of Parliament Support Staff (UK)
MPSSMultiple Probes Spectrophotometer System
MPSSMigration Plan Support System
MPSSMicroprocessed Soldering System
MPSSMission Procurement Support System (Canada)
MPSSMicrosoft Product Support Services
MPSSManagement Programs and Services Staff
MPSSMulti-Service Provisioning Platform (Cisco)
MPSSMain Parachute Support Structure (NASA)
MPSSManipal Packaging Software Solutions (India)
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The correlation between the PDI and weight was 0.246 (p = 0.033), between PDI and BMI 0.360 (p = 0.002), between PDI and MPSS 0.369 (p = 0.021), between PDI and pain chart 0.623 (p [less than or equal to] 0.001), between PDI and drug intake 0.379 (p [less than or equal to] 0.001), and between PDI and FFbH-R 0.793 (p [less than or equal to] 0.001).
The upper rows in Table 1 present MPSs (labeled WTO MPS) for China's wheat, corn, and rice calculated using one possible interpretation of the WTO rules.
Musculoskeletal system is frequently damaged in MPSs I, II, III, VI, and VII [8]: bone tissue, articular cartilage, and surrounding connective tissue can be involved, as manifestations of GAG storages [9].
Webb (2003) uses methylprednisolone sodium succinate (MPSS) @ 30mg/kg bwt in animals with back pain.
The chronbach a coefficient for MPSS total is .78, for family sub-scale .78, for friend sub-scale .77 and for special person subscale .6213.
Empleando secuenciacion masiva paralela (MPSS) para determinar las diferencias entre un naranjo trifoliado (Poncirus trifoliata) silvestre y una variante natural precoz con floracion temprana, se identificaron cambios en los niveles de expresion en mas de 2700 genes; tambien se identificaron mas de 110 genes asociados a las vias de induccion de la floracion (Zhang et al., 2011).
Monetary Policy Sub-Sector (MPSS) Managing Director Francisco G.
Mannan, DPO Sajjad Hassan Manjh, MPSs Abdul Razzaq Dhallon, Dastigir
He said that the reports were already abound that officers were being coerced by the respective MNAs and MPSs of the ruling Party to do their bidding and they were in action in using their influence in favor of ruling Party candidates.
When CRS scores differ from VRS ones, there is scale inefficiency and this means that the team is operating away from the Most Productive Scale Size (MPSS) (Banker, 1984).