MPSSMassively Parallel Signature Sequencing
MPSSMethylprednisolone Sodium Succinate
MPSSMultiple Page Size Support
MPSSMinistry of Public Safety and Security (Canada)
MPSSMainz Pain Staging System
MPSSMacpherson Secondary School (Singapore)
MPSSManning Primary Safety System
MPSSMcKinnon Park Secondary School
MPSSMultipoint Signaling Server (Clarent)
MPSSMetropolitan Programs and Summer Sessions
MPSSMinnesota Physicians Support Services (program)
MPSSMilitary Personnel Support Staff (Canada)
MPSSManaged Premises Security Services
MPSSMarket Price Supply Service
MPSSMulti Purpose Space Station
MPSSMembers of Parliament Support Staff (UK)
MPSSMost Productive Software Size
MPSSMigration Plan Support System
MPSSMicroprocessed Soldering System
MPSSMission Procurement Support System (Canada)
MPSSMultiple Probes Spectrophotometer System
MPSSManagement Programs and Services Staff
MPSSMicrosoft Product Support Services
MPSSMulti-Service Provisioning Platform (Cisco)
MPSSMain Parachute Support Structure (NASA)
MPSSManipal Packaging Software Solutions (India)
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The MPSS studio is a world-wide resource for digital scanning of theatrical content from its original film format.
This paper discusses the concept of MPSS in multi-stage structure DMUs and proposes models to project whole DMU on the largest and the smallest MPSS.
Upon signing the Informed Consent document, interested participants completed a brief demographic questionnaire, the BDI-II, and MPSS.
com/), using Megaclone and massively parallel signature sequencing or MPSS technologies (Brenner et al.
Lynx intends to use the Manteia SA technology to replace its bead-based Megaclone technology and combine it with MPSS for more flexible service applications as well as commercialization of sequencing instrumentation.
39-40,56) To distinguish these minor differences with high confidence requires a large number of reads; because MPSS sequences all chromosomes, approximately 6.
The decrease reflects the absence of a forward loss contingency for unprofitable MPSS contracts in the Company's genomics services business as well as the wind-down of MPSS activities, which resulted in a decrease in labor, materials and supply costs.
When high throughput applications require the use of glass vials, the MicroLiter MPSS allows for robotic liquid handling with the patented "uLmat" that eliminates leakage and cross contamination between wells.
Solexa intends to discontinue performing MPSS services in 2006, and the decrease in revenues is primarily due to the wind-down of these activities.
Revenue in the first quarter of 2006 is from the MPSS genomics services business and does not yet reflect any contribution from the Solexa Genome Analysis System, Solexa's reversible-terminator chemistry and Clonal Single Molecule Array(TM) DNA sequencing platform.
Success in the earlier collaboration between Lynx and NIA led to the current service agreement, which includes MPSS analysis of the additional stem cell samples.