MPSUMobile Power Supply Unit (US Army)
MPSUMoscow Pedagogical State University (est. 1872; Russia)
MPSUModular Power Supply Unit (computer power supply)
MPSUMetaFrame Presentation Server for Unix (software)
MPSUModified Pennsylvania State University Broth (bacteria culturing)
MPSUModified Poly Sulfone
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The seaman, who hails from Davao City, sought help at a nearby MPSU outpost, which immediately sent out an alert for Incirto's taxi.
(TEMPO), RR 300, complete equipment with time division BKZ, DSP, GSK, KSO, PCMX1, Ericsson MiniLink E, C, NERA Citylink, XT, Evolution, NL185, MPSU 3000-Flatpack, Flatpack II, ALCOMA, Software Command Center SDH multiplexer Smartnode C and surveillance system mentioned equipment to ensure its operability.