MPTAMain Propulsion Test Article (NASA space shuttle)
MPTAMechanical Power Transmission Association
MPTAMulti-Protocol Transport Architecture (IBM - SNA)
MPTAMedications Prior to Admission
MPTAManpower, Personnel, and Training Assessment
MPTAMember of the Piano Tuners Association (UK)
MPTAManpower, Personnel, & Training Analysis
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This MPTA will enable PharmaMar to distribute Yondelis in more than 40 additional countries where the product has already been approved.
He added: "We also look forward to successfully completing the commissioning of Line 6 in 2019, which will take our production capacity to 1,500,000 mpta and make Alba the largest smelter in the world."
Anadarko has agreed to commercial terms including volume and price for 5.1 million tonnes per annum of LNG off-take deals from the plant, which consists of two initial LNG trains with a total capacity of 12.88 mtpa, allowing the company to close in on its 8.5 mpta goal needed to trigger its final investment decision on the project.
For instance, matrix Padetype approximant (MPTA) [21] can be used to simplify the high degree multivariable system by approximating transfer function matrix G(s) that can be expanded into a power series with matrix coefficients, i.e., G(s) = [[summation].sup.[infinity].sub.i=0] [c.sub.i][s.sup.i], where [c.sub.i] [member of] [C.sup.sxt].
On 01 July, 2016, Shell , Engro Elengy Terminal Limited, Gunvor Group and Pakarab Fertilizers Limited (a Fatima Group company) had signed a non-binding Cooperation Agreement (JCA) to assess the feasibility of, and develop a full service 600 mmcscfd (4.5 mpta) LNG re-gasification terminal at Port Qasim, Karachi.
The maternal PTA (mPTA) was derived from [MATHEMATICAL EXPRESSION NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII], where [??] is the solution for the bull MGS.
Port Louis -- Cultural Tourism with My Moris When the driver from the MPTA dropped me off at the L'Astrolable Port Louis Waterfront at 8.30am, I initially moaned as to why so early?
Abbreviations MPT --maximum phonation time MPTa --MPT of sound a MPTs --MPT of voiceless sound s MPTz --MPT of voiced sound z GIRBAS scale --G--grade, I--instability, R--roughness, B--breathiness, A -asthenia, S --strain FO --fundamental laryngeal tone BRLNP --bilateral recurrent laryngeal nerve paralisis
Coronal alignment was gauged via standing full-leg radiographs, measuring medial proximal tibial angle (MPTA), as described by Paley and Tetsworth [18], and mechanical femorotibial angle (mFTA) (positive and negative values indicating genu valgus and varum, resp.).
Expansion of mine from 3.8 MPTA to 7.6 MPTA would be carried out at cost of $300 million.
These organizations included Michigan Occupational Therapy Association (MOTA), Michigan Physical Therapy Association (MPTA), Michigan Therapeutic Recreation Association (MTRA), and the Michigan Speech and Hearing Association (MSHA).