MPTDMotion Picture and TV Development (Washington, DC)
MPTDMemory Protocol Translator Device
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Table 2 - additives which may produce N-nitrosamines in rubber compounding when decomposed Chemical class MBS, DIBS, OTOS, OTTBS Sulfenamides MTD, TMTM, TETD, MPTD, DPTT Thiurams ZDMC, ZDEC, ZDBC, Z5MC, ZEPC, Dithiocarbamates ZMPC, TeDMC, CuDMC Sulphur donors DTDM, MBSS
Nineteen patients, who received at least three cycles of MPTD were evaluable for toxicity and response.
Antonio Palumbo commented, "The combination of MPTD is promising both in terms of activity and tolerability with the low rate of DVT being especially interesting.