MPTGMore Precious Than Gold
MPTGMedia Processing Technology Group (Media Grid)
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MPTG also recently announced they have been awarded an exclusive distribution license by the Orion Telecomm Operating Corporation (OTOC) to launch their new integrated wireless communication system for healthcare to the US and Canadian medical market.
CRG has sold approximately 37500,000 MPTG shares to date.
MPTG just announced it has launched the promotion of their Medicare Protection Program (MPP) for The IPA Association of America (TIPAAA) to their physician membership.
CRG has sold approximately 75,000 MPTG shares to date.
OTCBB:MPTG) today announced that its March 12, 2001 press release, entitled "General star Indemnity Company Approves Masterpiece Technology Group and HCI as Compliance Vendor for New [sic] - Special Insurance Quotes for MPTG Customers is [sic] Lowest in Industry," is incorrect in the following respects: Insurance quotes, products or services from General Star Indemnity Company are not provided by or through MPTG MPTG and Healthcare Compliance Institute, Inc.
OTCBB: MPTG) today announced that MPTG has been approved by the Healthcare Compliance Institute (HCI) to provide to their customers special products for Medicare/Medicaid Fraud & Abuse compliance.
Maplecrest Software, a wholly owned operating company of MPTG, provides document automation solutions for business and healthcare.
The Claims Direct division of MPTG operates a complete electronic medical and hospital claims service and the unique Retro Bill revenue tool.