MPTMMasters Program in Telecommunication Management
MPTMMulti-Parity Test Method
MPTMMechanical Pre-cutting Tunneling Method (mining)
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For the award, the company's DRS Electronic Systems unit in Gaithersburg, Maryland, and DRS Laurel Technologies unit in Johnstown, Pennsylvania, will provide Explorer MPTM Rugged Portable Multi-Platform Workstations for a range of digital battlefield applications.
With an unparalleled level of performance, functionality and ruggedization, the Explorer MPTM directly supports the goal of our armed forces to dominate the expanded battle space of the 21st century.
DRS's Explorer MPTM Rugged Portable Multi-Platform Workstations provide users with the capability to run Combat Information Systems (CIS), Geographic Information Systems (GIS), fire control and digital mapping applications, as well as other highly sophisticated programs.