MPTVMotion Picture and Television
MPTVMulti-Program Television
MPTVMultivalent-Polyvalent Therapeutic Vaccine
MPTVMaterial Provided to Vendor
MPTVMobile, Positional, TV and Voice
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Among the MPs I interviewed during the first month of MPTV were Garry Breitkreuz, Myron Thompson, Lee Richardson, Gord Brown, Helena Guergis, Ron Cannan, Senator Marjory LeBreton, John McCallum and Peter Stoffer.
MPTV is an optional module of MediaPlatform that gives clients the ability to create and manage "channels" of scheduled content for display on HDTVs or computer screens.
MPTV has already been granted building permits for Phase I, which includes the conversion and remodeling of Lake Trop into a world-class timeshare resort.
Using a simple interface, patent-pending MPTV technology allows consumers to select content associated with a TV program and download it to their mobile devices.
Eli Shalom, CEO of ICF, stated, "We have received all necessary documents from MPTV in order to close this loan.
Moviso's exclusive deal with MPTV allows consumers to personalize their handsets with classic images from the 1910s to the present, including favorites like Ava Gardner, James Dean and Elvis Presley.
MPTV will initiate the building permits when the $13,440,000 ICF construction loan closes.
This funding would compliment and support Lake Trop's $13,440,000 Phase I construction loan previously announced by MPTV.
BULLETIN BOARD: MPTT) , an innovator in Timeshare Resort Development, today announced that effective at the open of market on Monday, January 14, 2002, the Company's trading symbol will change from MPTV to MPTT and the Company's common stock will be consolidated in a one-for-ten reverse stock split.
ICF has delivered a Loan Commitment with favorable terms to MPTV and I'm delighted that MPTV is moving forward on this opportunity.
In conjunction with this transaction, Nutri Pharmaceuticals has completely released the real estate property pledged by Nova and owned by MPTV Inc.
We believe that MPTV can create great value through the renovation and timeshare marketing of Lake Trop.