MPTVMotion Picture and Television
MPTVMultivalent-Polyvalent Therapeutic Vaccine
MPTVMulti-Program Television
MPTVMaterial Provided to Vendor
MPTVMobile, Positional, TV and Voice
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The MPTV interviews take about 2 hours of my time per week.
Well some look at me a bit sideways but after only three weeks MPTV is fully booked for the foreseeable future.
La bande passante pour MPTV est fournie par la Chambre des communes, etant donne qu'elle dispose d'une capacite excedentaire en soiree.
Les entrevues de MPTV prennent environ 2 heures de mon temps chaque semaine.
Certains me regardent un peu de travers, mais, apres seulement trois semaines, tout le temps d'antenne de MPTV est reserve pour l'avenir previsible.
Christopherson and Storper (1989) considered the implications of this restructuring for MPTV's craft and technical workers.
The innovations in MPTV compensation that we consider were installed in such a way that the unions have become indispensable both to their membership and to employers.
Nonetheless, MPTV producers are a far more diverse group today than they were fifty years ago.
MPTV attracts many ambitious people who will work for practically nothing to showcase their talent.
All the MPTV basic agreements contain provisions that cover all workers on an egalitarian basis.
Every MPTV basic agreement contains a minimum compensation schedule.
MPTV jobs that pay minimum rates are springboards from one project to another (Peters 1971) and a relatively inexpensive means for employers to evaluate talent.