MPTZMotorized Pan-Tilt-Zoom Camera
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Abbreviations MPT --maximum phonation time MPTa --MPT of sound a MPTs --MPT of voiceless sound s MPTz --MPT of voiced sound z GIRBAS scale --G--grade, I--instability, R--roughness, B--breathiness, A -asthenia, S --strain FO --fundamental laryngeal tone BRLNP --bilateral recurrent laryngeal nerve paralisis
The parameters of aerodynamic analysis (MPTa, MPTs, MPTz) and analysis of the spontaneous speech in patients before and after the surgery (* p<0.05; ** p>0.05) Tabela 2.
Called the "Central American Gap" (CAG) by some (Hastings 2000, Pitombo & Burton 2007) and the Mexican-Panamic transition zone (MPTZ) in other sources (Laguna 1990), this region separates the Mexican and Panamic sensu stricto marine provinces with a "stretch of coastline over 1 200km in length dominated by sandy/muddy shores and mangrove-lined lagoons" (Hastings 2000).