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MPUMedizinisch Psychologische Untersuchung (German: Medical Psychological Examination)
MPUMust Pick Up
MPUMain Processing Unit
MPUMemory Protection Unit
MPUMessages per User
MPUMaster Plan Update
MPUMatrox Processor Unit
MPUMicro Processor Unit
MPUMultimedia Processing Unit
MPUMinutes per Unit
MPUMultiply Unsigned
MPUMemory Protection Unit (ARM processor core)
MPUMicroprocessor Unit
MPUMicro-Processing Unit
MPUMIDI Processing Unit (Roland)
MPUMédecine Préventive Universitaire (French: University Preventive Medicine; various universities)
MPUMinimum Publishable Unit (academic publishing)
MPUMulti Purpose Unit
MPUMid Page Unit (online advertising format)
MPUMycoplasma Pulmonis
MPUMessage Plus Unit (online advertising)
MPUMobile Power Unit
MPUMediterranean Phytopathological Union (plant pathology)
MPUMetal Pop-Up
MPUMulti Processor Unit (Army Airborne Command and Control System hardware)
MPUMobile Production Unit
MPUMain Power Unit
MPUMessage Processing Unit
MPUMagnetic Pickup Unit (used to sense engine or motor speeds)
MPUMedium PRF Upgrade (SPS-49 radar)
MPUMale Parental Unit (father)
MPUMotor Protection Unit
MPUMerchandise Pickup
MPUMultiple Port Unit
MPUMobility Processing Unit
MPUMCS Packet Upgrade
MPUMission Processing Unit
MPUMixing and Pumping Unit
MPUManpack Unit
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X-Ware Secure Platform based on ThreadX Modules with Cortex-M MPU support is available today.
This change in Intel's behavior could resolve the puzzling disconnect between continuing improvements in MPU performance and the shift to slower price declines.
The Renesas RZ/A series of MPUs combine a high-performance ARM[R] Cortex-A9 processor with up to an industry-leading 10MB of on-chip RAM to support faster device control, digital audio and video-signal processing, and much more.
U Mya Than, Vice Chairman of MPU, said, "The acceptance of JCB cards in Myanmar will open up a financial freedom to JCB cardmembers visiting for business or pleasure whereby JCB cardmembers can use their cards at over 2,000 MPU merchants and 500 ATMs.
MPU members, calling themselves the legitimate parliamentarians of Myanmar, want their fellow parliamentarians in ASEAN to allow their participation in the inter-parliamentary assembly as a sign of solidarity with the movement for democracy in Myanmar.
Third, to examine the source of these breaks, we decompose changes in constant-quality DRAM and MPU prices into changes in price per transistor and a residual that captures quality change beyond the number of transistors per chip.
MPU have had a close cooperation with VHB for the last three years and is building the concrete hull together with BAM
Exemption Form: In the situation described above, current SSUTA Section 312 provides that a purchaser that does not hold a direct-pay permit must provide the seller with an MPU Exemption Form.
The BIO MPU unit grants us access to tap into the multi-billion dollar diesel energy sector," said Roy Thornhill, president of Heartland Energy Group Inc.
The contract covers detail design and engineering for a semi-submersible MPU Heavy Lifter vessel for handling offshore installations.
The MPU can increase the data processing capability of a microchip to as fast as that of a super computer.
The project is to include the replacement of four control consoles, MPU and on-unit Ink, Damp and Registration controllers at their facility in Panama.