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MPUMemory Protection Unit (ARM processor core)
MPUMicroprocessor Unit
MPUMicro-Processing Unit
MPUMIDI Processing Unit (Roland)
MPUMédecine Préventive Universitaire (French: University Preventive Medicine; various universities)
MPUMulti Purpose Unit
MpuMycoplasma Pulmonis
MPUMid Page Unit (online advertising format)
MPUMessage Plus Unit (online advertising)
MPUMobile Power Unit
MPUMediterranean Phytopathological Union (plant pathology)
MPUMetal Pop-Up
MPUMulti Processor Unit (Army Airborne Command and Control System hardware)
MPUMobile Production Unit
MPUMain Power Unit
MPUMessage Processing Unit
MPUMagnetic Pickup Unit (used to sense engine or motor speeds)
MPUMedium PRF Upgrade (SPS-49 radar)
MPUMale Parental Unit (father)
MPUMotor Protection Unit
MPUMerchandise Pickup
MPUMultiple Port Unit
MPUMobility Processing Unit
MPUMCS Packet Upgrade
MPUMission Processing Unit
MPUMixing and Pumping Unit
MPUManpack Unit
MPUMedizinisch Psychologische Untersuchung (German: Medical Psychological Examination)
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Together, we can leverage our respective strengths to provide best-in-class hardware and software solutions that ensures a successful user experience for customers using Renesas RZ/A1 MPUs in their embedded designs, noted Robert DeOliviera, Director Strategic Sales, IAR Systems.
This card issuing initiative would be a valuable addition to MPU and its member bank's domestic payment scheme portfolio.
JCBI and MPU are also discussing card issuance to residents of Myanmar.
Together with MPU, we look forward to exploring further business opportunities such as card issuance, and establishing win-win relationship by leveraging our flexibility," he added.
We are very excited to be a member of PI and introduce our certified AM1810 Sitara ARM MPU PROFIBUS solution to the industrial market.
Section 2 carries out the econometric tests for structural breaks in these series, and Section 3 implements our decomposition of DRAM and MPU prices.
The MPU believes that the UK needs better health services for asylum seekers and refugees.
The third MiniRISC MPU core, the CW4011, is based on the CW40XX product line architecture, which uses the superscalar, dual five-stage pipeline architecture, optimized for performance.
Both programs are intended to simplify the design process of electronic systems built with Renesas' MCU and MPU devices.
Rates charged by MPU to the CBCWA are subject to state public service commission approval; however, CBCWA rates charged to its members are not.