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Moreover, the Moberg Pickup Test (MPUT) has been used to demonstrate limitations of hand function and the effectiveness of specific treatments in patients with hand OA.
We hypothesized that the MPUT, which assesses the functional status of the hand, would be correlated with the applied force and temporal parameters of grip force control obtained during the performance of functional tasks.
The MPUT was used to evaluate hand function [10,18-19].
The outcomes of the DASH, VAS, SWMT, MPUT, and MIGF tests were tabulated in Excel (Microsoft Office Excel, version 2007, Microsoft; Redmond, Washington) and stored for statistical analysis.
Spearman correlations were used to investigate the relationship among the clinical tests MPUT, MIGF, DASH, and VAS and between the clinical tests (DASH and VAS) and the grip force control variables (FMLO, GFP, and latency).
Individuals with hand OA performed the MPUT test slower than control subjects; however, the difference between groups was statistically significant only in conditions with eyes open.
Spearman correlation coefficients between the outcomes of the MPUT, MIGF, DASH, and VAS tests for the individuals with hand OA are presented in Table 3.
Analysis of the relationship between the clinical tests and the grip force control parameters performed using Spearman and Pearson correlation coefficients showed that the MPUT (both the MPUT-EO and MPUT-EC) had a strong positive correlation with latency.
(1) os dois primeiros grupos tem como mput uma unica base, a partir da qual opera a circunscricao prosodica; os do terceiro, ao contrario, requerem pelo menos duas bases;
The net result was that total factor mputs in German manufacturing fell, although they still grew in the United States.