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MPVMulti-Purpose Vehicle
MPVMean Platelet Volume (blood test)
MPVMine Protected Vehicle
MPVMouse Parvovirus
MPVMassMutual Participation Investors (Springfield, MA)
MPVMultipurpose Passenger Vehicles
MPVMinimum Price Variation (smallest increment of a stock price)
MPVMajor Projects Victoria (Australia)
MPVMusic Photo Video
MPVMechanically Propelled Vehicle
MPVMovement for Principals and Values (Guatemala)
MPVMarket Potential Value (micromarket index)
MPVMaterial Price Variance
MPVMilitary Pay Voucher
MPVMIPCC Powered Vehicle (DARPA)
MPVMars Piloted Vehicle
MPVReligious Teachers Venerini (religious order)
MPVMobile Packaging Van (LANL)
MPVMulti-Peptide Vaccine
MPVMulti-Port Ventilator
MPVMinistria e Pushtetit Vendor (Albanian: Ministry of Local Government)
MPVMobile Performance Venue (architecture design)
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With our new GM8, GAC Motor will not only meet, but will redefine the standards of the high-end Chinese MPV market,' added Yu Jun.
In our study, we found that MPV values increased with decreased platelet count, but PDW had no correlation with decreasing platelet count.
WBC, Hgb, Beta hCG, PLT, MCV, MPV, RDW, PDW, NLR and PLR values were all analysed and comparision of laboratory hematologic parameters between groups is shown in Table-II.
The distinctive design incorporates Mitsubishi MPV and SUV lines for Mitsubishi-ness at first sight.
The ages, sexes, clinical and pathological features, chest radiography results and stages Pulmonary function test (RFT) results, serum ACE, and MPV values of the patients were recorded.
An increase in MPV is observed in platelets exposed to the EDTA found in complete blood count tubes (2).
The MPV in general acts a risk factor for a variety of micro/macro vascular diseases especially in diabetics and its magnitude in our local population is still unknown as no local studies have been conducted.
Perhaps we're seing a new type of car here, a cross between a crossover and MPV.
Those excluded were patients with acute cerebrovascular disease, MI, pregnancy, heart failure, peripheral vascular disease, COPD, haematological disorder, diabetes mellitus, acute or chronic disorders, cancer, or liver disease; those using anticoagulants or non-steroidal anti- inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs); or those who had no leucocyte, neutrophil, MPV, CRP levels measured or ultrasonography performed the same day prior to the operation.
Coming to the interiors, the MPV looks identical to the Duster.
Since the MPV and hemoglobin values showed normal distribution, the paired-t test was used in the preoperative and postoperative comparison of these parameters, while the Wilcoxon test was used for the other parameters that did not comply with the normal distribution.
Yes, you are perfectly legal and safe crossing MPV per the ODP at 3500 feet and continuing a climb on course.