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MPVMulti-Purpose Vehicle
MPVMuslims for Progressive Values (Los Angeles, CA)
MPVMeerwein-Ponndorf-Verley (organic chemistry)
MPVMean Platelet Volume (blood test)
MPVMicrosoft Project View
MPVManual Procedure Viewer
MPVMpeg Video
MPVMulti Purpose Vehicle
MPVMine Protected Vehicle
MPVMouse Parvovirus
MPVMassMutual Participation Investors (Springfield, MA)
MPVMembrane Pressure Vessel
MPVMultipurpose Passenger Vehicles
MPVMinimum Price Variation (smallest increment of a stock price)
MPVMobile Performance Venue (architecture design)
MPVMajor Projects Victoria (Australia)
MPVMarine Protection Vessel (UK)
MPVMusic Photo Video
MPVMechanically Propelled Vehicle
MPVMovement for Principals and Values (Guatemala)
MPVMarket Potential Value (micromarket index)
MPVMaterial Price Variance
MPVMilitary Pay Voucher
MPVMIPCC Powered Vehicle (DARPA)
MPVMars Piloted Vehicle
MPVReligious Teachers Venerini (religious order)
MPVMobile Packaging Van (LANL)
MPVMulti-Peptide Vaccine
MPVMulti-Port Ventilator
MPVMinistria e Pushtetit Vendor (Albanian: Ministry of Local Government)
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Receiver operating characteristic (ROC) curve analysis was used to find out the sensitivity and specificity and also to find the best cut-off value for MPV in neonatal sepsis.
An optimal cutoff value of MPV was calculated using the receiver operating characteristic (ROC) curves.
Blood samples from them were taken in physiology department and investigated for fasting blood sugar (FBS), postprandial blood sugar (PPBS), HbA1c, and MPV (from complete blood count [CBC]).
ROC curve analysis indicated that the cut-off of MPV level point for making the diagnosis of single RSV bronchiolitis was 6.63 fL with sensitivity and specificity of 55% and 63% respectively.
The CBC parameters included WBC, N, L, NLR, MPV and PLR were recorded before six gestational weeks.
At sites with high inflammation, large number of platelets reach and get consumed, leading to a decrease in MPV value.
There was no statistically significant difference between groups according to MPV values (p=0.309).
This may also translate to larger boot space, which Maruti Suzuki may emphasise on to position the new Ertiga as a premium MPV for large families.
The XPANDER also won in two other categories in Otomotif's 2018 awards - Best of the Best MPV and Best of Small MPV(1).
China's fastest-growing automaker, GAC Motor, has officially released its first high-end multi-purpose vehicle (MPV), the GM8, onto the market at a product release event held at the Mangrove Tree International Convention Center in Sanya.
The revolver and notes are to be guaranteed by each of MPV's subsidiaries and secured by MPV's assets including diamond inventories, equity in subsidiaries and a lien on MPV's interests in the joint venture property (MPV's JV Interests).