MPVCMadhya Pradesh Vikas Congress (India)
MPVCMultimedia Park Venture Capital (est. 2002; Shanghai, China)
MPVCMathematical Program with Vanishing Constraints
MPVCMulti Purpose Vending Cart
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Outlook for MPVC: Operating projections call for $14 million in 2015 revenue growing to $70 million by 2019, with net income projected by MPVC at $5.
Company President Craig Wiita states "The Analyst Report prepared by Patrick Murphy, CFA provides an excellent examination of MPVC and its multi-faceted ability to provide shareholder value due to its potential five income streams comprised of:
2) Public Fueling: Providing CNG to consumers from MPVC stations.
5) Joint Venture Fueling Stations: MPVC intends to work with existing service stations to install compressors and dispensers at existing sites with both parties earning a percentage of the CNG sales.
In the first stage, MPVC will be able to buy a 50% interest through a cash payment of $35,000 and by issuing 4.
The company stated that in the second stage, MPVC will raise its interest in the project to 70% by issuing a further 2.
The third and final stage enables MPVC to boost its interest to 80% through the issuance of further 5 million common shares and 2.
Additionally, MPVC will provide services to the individual consumer wanting to refuel their natural gas powered vehicle and purchase high profit convenience and travel items from our CNG filling stations.