MPWGMobile Phone Working Group (various organizations)
MPWGMechanical Properties Working Group
MPWGMaintenance Planning Working Group (military)
MPWGMass Properties Working Group
MPWGModel Probability Weighted Gating
MPWGMalaria in Pregnancy Working Group (UNICEF)
MPWGMedia Policy Working Group (Grantmakers in Film and Electronic Media; Baltimore, MD)
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The issue of sustainability is a central concern and we're studying the use of plants such as goldenseal and black cohosh," says Michael McGuffin, president of the American Herbal Products Association and Chairman of the Industry Committee of the MPWG. Trish Flaster is chairwoman of MPWG's Conservation and Ethnobotany Committees, which are scientifically monitoring native medicinal plants.
MPWG's "Elders' Circle," composed of indigenous people who represent the native perspective, was well represented at the conference.
Companies mentioned include HSC, SK, USF, WMII, CLC, MTX, MPWG, RSG, BFI.