MPWTMinistry of Public Works Transport
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MPWT spokesman Vasim Sorya told The Post that he could not analyse the statistics as it has been only two months.
The $48 million grant for the Fourth GMS Corridor Towns Development Project, approved in September 2018, will be implemented by MPWT to improve urban environmental services, including the construction of wastewater treatment plants and sewerage networks, solid waste management, and river embankments for flood protection in two corridor towns of Pakxan and Thakhek.
'Our officials are working tirelessly, both day and night, to begin the train service through the plan that will [be launched] in May this year,' MPWT said in its Facebook page on Sunday.
MEF spokesman Nup Sothun Vichet declined to answer questions about the project on Tuesday and referred reporters to the MPWT.
MEF spokesman Nup Sothun Vichet declined to comment on Monday and referred questions to the MPWT.
In a January Facebook post the MPWT indicated there was a plan to eventually expand the service to cover 15 stops.
Nang also called on the MPWT to collaborate with local startups in similar ways to how they cooperate with larger companies like Grab.
It will also enhance the governments capacity, through MPWT, to better manage its road assets through better operations and maintenance.
Nou Vaddhanak, director general of the Technical General Department of the MPWT, agreed that the Kingdom was in need of longer-lasting structures and greater investment, but could not provide any details on how the government would secure proper funding.
The component activities will be coordinated with DUPH of MPWT. This component includes three subcomponents: structural investments, non-structural investments, and project management.
The Ministry of Public Works and Transport of Laos (MPWT) is planning to undertake the construction of Express Railway Line project between Laos Savannakhet province and Vietnam's central border-gate province of Quang Tri's Lao Bao.
Minister Sun elaborated on his Ministrys key reform initiatives and actions that have been taken and are being implemented at MPWT. He highlighted the reform efforts involving transportation cost reduction, the drivers license renewal centre at Aeon, the automation systems for vehicle registration, vehicle technical inspection, and driving licenses, mobile technical inspection units, overloading transport control, road traffic safety issues and measures, and other key actions that are being undertaken to rehabilitate and further improve the road infrastructure and connectivity, railways, waterway transports and ports.