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The bare sample which is the boiler tube shows the highest corrosion rate of 0.015 mpy. As shown by the XRF data in table 1, this sample contains 99.52% of Fe it is likely that iron oxide phases like Fe2O3 and FeO are produced on the surface when the sample is exposed to tap water.
Designated MPY 16-1, this event focused on Marine Corps Fires and Command and Control network representing a Battalion Landing Team (BLT) ashore Battalion level fires missions.
Diary of a Wi mpy Ki d the Musical, book: Joe Tracz; music and lyrics: Joe lconis; dir: Rachel Rockwell.
Corrosion rate was found to be 0.167 mpy for 1Ni-5Mn (1050[degrees]C/30 minutes) sample as compared to 1.82 mpy for 1 Ni-5 Mn (1050[degrees]C/120 minutes) sample as shown in Table 2.
This gives way to a much higher corrosion rate when you compare the uncoated AZ31 sample (corrosion rate (mpy) = 5.6 x [10.sup.-2]) to the PEO coated sample treated (corrosion rate (mpy) = 6.047 x [10.sup.-6]).
The results in Table 2 showed that the sample [A.sub.1] has the highest value (0.122 mpy) of corrosion rate and sample [A.sub.2] has the lowest value (0.006 mpy) of corrosion rate.
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