MQACMicrosoft Query Access Control
MQACMedical Quality Assurance Commission
MQACMethylated Quaternary Ammonium Compound
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The more we colleagues understand the workings of MQAC, the sooner this governor-appointed, administrative board will stop unjustly harassing holistic, integrative medical doctors.
During the planning process, this consortium completed the basic program design and materials (Appendices SA2 and SA3); executed a Statement of Understanding around CRP Certification between the FHCQ and MQAC; recruited a review panel; and created a CRP Certification education curriculum for physicians, patients, and institutions.
We will also examine the records of the review panel and MQAC relating to these applications, along with communications MQAC makes to health care providers relating to safety lessons learned (e.g., alerts, reports, presentations).
Perhaps the most difficult challenge in designing the CRP Certification process has been addressing the tension between the desire of health care organizations and liability insurers to protect information submitted to the CRP Certification process from public dissemination resulting from MQAC's legislatively mandated requirement to disclose information about the actions it takes.
Yet for MQAC, disclosing information about the CRP Certification process is a requirement of being a public agency.
It is this CRP Certification report that the institution or liability insurer can choose to submit to MQAC for review.
This will only occur as cases progress through certification and health care institutions, physicians, liability insurers, and attorneys gain confidence about how MQAC responds to CRP certified cases.
A final challenge encountered to date, also involving a need for confidence among stakeholders, has been determining how much information about a CRP Certified case MQAC needs to assess whether additional investigation is warranted.
It is conceivable that the public may view CRP certification as an abrogation of MQAC's responsibility.