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MQCMicrobiological Quality Control (laboratory work)
MQCMessage Queuing Connector
MQCModular Qos Command Line Interface
MQCMcafee Quick Clean
MQCMailpiece Quality Control (US Postal Service educational program)
MQCMailpiece Quality Control (USPS)
MQCMercury Quality Center
MQCMás Que Coches (Spanish TV program)
MQCMechanical Quick Connector (mechanics)
MQCManufacturing Quality Control
MQCMacquarie City Campus (Australian University)
MQCMinimum Quantity Commitment
MQCMinimum Quantity Container
MQCMaximum Quartet Consistency
MQCMinimum Qualified Candidate
MQCModulo Quantized Coset
MQCMcSweeney's Quarterly Concern (literary journal)
MQCMechanics Qualifying Course
MQCMultiple Quick Connection (subsea hydraulic connections for the oilfield)
MQCModular QoS (Quality of Service) CLI (Command Line Interface) (Cisco)
MQCMulti-Level Quality Collaborative (health care)
MQCMountain QRP (low power transmitter) Club (Italy)
MQCMammography Quality Control Manual (American College of Radiology)
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Intraday precision and accuracy were assessed at the lower, middle, high, and lower limit of quantification quality control samples LQC, MQC, HQC, and LLOQ in six replicates for both of the analytes, while interday precision and accuracy were assessed for three consecutive days by using quality control samples.
Recovery of cinitapride was evaluated by comparing the detector response of cinitapride in three quality control samples (LQC, MQC, and HQC) with the response of the same concentration in methanolic solutions.
At four different quality control levels (LLOQQC, LQC, MQC, and HQC, n=12) within day (intrabatch) and between day (interbatch, n=24) precision and accuracy of TMD, GBP was evaluated by calculating the %CV and %accuracy.
He said in the MQC operation 14 persons were killed and 80 injured.
Furthermore, it perfects the MQC. Also the QM methods are questionable with many of the results being interpreted in a new way.
"With applications in the foods sector, it is the natural complement to Oxford Instruments' well-established MQC nuclear magnetic resonance systems.
The system also has applications in the food sector, and Oxford sees it as a complement to MQC nuclear magnetic resonance systems.
Oxford instruments' MQC benchtop NMR analyzers offer rapid and accurate QC measurements In a compact, easy-to-use package.
As the main concern in titanium alloy machining is to remove the heat generated during the process, Minimum quantity cooling (MQC) seems to be more appropriate than MQL.
Examples include: 1) [H.sup.max.sub.i] is determined to minimize startup latency strategy in [6] and [12]; 2) Shudong Jin [11] proved that the replication density, [r.sub.i], for the ,-th most popular segment must be proportional to [p.sup.2/3.sub.i] so as to achieve minimum access cost (MAC); and 3) in [23], for a minimum value of query cost (MQC), the replication density, [r.sub.i], should be proportional to [p.sup.1/2.sub.i], etc.
For example, new designs such as the Value Plastics MQC, SBL, and BPF Series connectors feature ergonomic shapes and large, accessible buttons that are easy to push to minimize physical effort and discomfort, maximizing efficiency.