MQDMed-QUEST Division (Hawaii Department of Human Services)
MQDMeasurement Quality Division
MQDMultiple Queues with Duplication (algorithm)
MQDMessage Queue Display (software)
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Among the tested models, Midilli showed the best fits, with [R.sup.2] > 0.98, and the lowest MQD, all below 0.09.
Parameters, coefficients of determination ([R.sup.2]) and mean quadratic deviations (MQD) of the models adjusted to the drying curves of atemoya foam with 2% of Emustab[R], 2% of Liga Neutra[R] and mixing time of 20 min, for foam layer thicknesses of 0.5, 1.0 and 1.5 cm at different temperatures Thickness Model Temp.
Finance ( Table 2: Sunoco Logistics Partners' Incentive Distribution Rights Schedule Total Quarterly Marginal Percentage Distribution Target Interest In Amount Per LP Unit Distribution General LP Partner Unit- (GP) * holders Minimum Quarterly $0.45 2% 98% Distribution (MQD) First Target Distribution Up to $0.50 2% 98% Second Target Distribution Above $0.50 up to 15% 85% $0.575 Third Target Distribution Above $0.575 up to 37% 63% $1.5825 Thereafter Above $1.5825 50% 50% * Energy Transfer Partners, LP (NYSE: ETP).
in addition to above three fungal pathogens with MQD.
Hypocryphalus mangiferae has been found to be consistently associated with MQD infected trees and considered as the vector of this disease (Al Adawi et al.
mangiferae has been proved previously as a vector of MQD in mango orchards (Saeed and Masood 2009) and various fungi have been isolated only from the adult stage of the H.
mangiferae: Among the MQD fungi isolated from life stages, the frequency of Fusarium sp.
The three MQD fungi were mostly obtained from abdomen (1.67-8.33) followed by head (1.67-2.50).
Our results clearly showed the highest frequency of occurrence of MQD fungi in adults and grubs as compared to eggs and pupae.
In its simplest implementation, MQD can be a diaphragm, a microbridge, or a microcantilever.