MQFMagnitogorsk (Russia)
MQFMaster Question File (test study aid)
MQFMobile Quarantine Facility (NASA)
MQFMaine Quality Forum (est. 2003)
MQFMusculus Quadriceps Femoris
MQFMaximum Quantity Frequency (alcoholism; neuropsychology)
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He suggested to constitute MQF. He added that in the census the population of Sindh urban has been shown less.
Speaking on the occasion, Malik Amanullah said that MQF was formed in 1972 when Pakhtoon people were facing violence in Karachi.
The protest was led by chief of MQF Amanullah Khan Kakar, Naimtullah Khan Khilji and others.
As the MQF is still in its early stages of implementation, its emphasis had been on academic and vocational qualifications, ranging from Certificate to Doctoral degree levels with little focus on professional-based qualifications.
The objective of this work is to contribute to the machining industry to study the influence of vegetable oil like sunflower cutting fluids applied as MQF compared to the dry test drilling in ABNT 1045 steel in various cutting conditions (cutting speed, feed rate and depth of the hole), whereas the feed force as dependent variable.
A rating system for universities will also be developed by the MQF. To support the MQF, the government hopes to set up the Malaysian Qualifications Agency.
The protest was led by chief of MQF Amanullah Khan Kakar, Naimatullah Khan Khilji and others.
ISLAMABAD -- The Board of Investment (BoI) invited on Thursday China Petroleum Company (CPE) to participate in the bidding process to establish gas processing plants in South Punjab and Hyderabad where 700 MQF gas will be provided by the government of Pakistan per day.