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MQLMinimal Quantity Lubrication
MQLMarketing Qualified Lead
MQLMinimum Quantity Lubricant
MQLMaximum Queue Length (telephony)
MQLMildura, Victoria, Australia - Mildura (Airport Code)
MQLMatrix Query Language (MatrixOne Corporation)
MQLMaximum Queue Length
MQLMethod Quantification Limit
MQLMalaysian Quality of Life
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The objective of this study is to investigate the patterns of chip morphology for machining titanium alloy Ti-6Al-4V with different machining conditions, such as dry, flood coolant and minimum quantity lubrication (MQL).
Sasahara, "A study of the effect of palm oil as MQL lubricant on high speed drilling of titanium alloys," Tribology International, vol.
These liners were run with through tool coolant due to the intended plant application, although the process is normally run MQL. The plan was to run all parts with a single set of tools, but the groover had to be replaced after roughly 4000 bores due to a crash.
Yabin Zhang et al [18]:- describes experimental evaluation of Mo[S.sub.2[ nanoparticle in jet MQL grinding with liquid paraffin, palm oil, rapeseed oil, and soybean oil as base oil and the work piece material is C45 steel.
Thermal compensation in MQL machining is an online requirement and is sought with characteristics such as small size and logistics, contamination free and low cycle time.
Drilling holes into metal with MQL (Minimal Quantity Lubrication) is a normal procedure, because the drill is designed for drilling metal and the malleable capability of the metal compensates for the insufficient cutting capability of a worn out drill.
And sales professionals must embrace the fact that their role is changed to be more of a subject matter expert that simply a pipeline or MQL manager.
Once the total of these points reach a certain threshold (based on an agreement between sales and marketing) the prospect is considered MQL and sent over to sales for the close.
Arrazola, "Heat-flow determination through inverse identification in drilling of aluminium workpieces with MQL," Production Engineering, vol.
Modeling of tool wear and surface roughness under MQL condition-a neural approach, Canadian Journal on Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning & Pattern Recognition 1: 7-25.
It can operate with plenty of coolant or MQL. (To facilitate MQL machining, it has a temperature compensation program that measures part temperature while in the work area; spindle offsets are automatically adjusted during the machining cycle as required.) It can machine materials from aluminum to alloy steels.
Our study's objective has been to measure the association between the JS, mental quality of life (MQL) and how the organizational factors of emergency and critical units influence staff.