MQSRAMammography Quality Standards Reauthorization Act
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There was no significant correlation between demographic location and compliance or lack of compliance with MQSRA requirements.
Though mammography departments may meet the MQSRA requirement by means of a standardized hospital survey, institutional surveys fail to measure service-specific aspects of the mammography patient experience.
MQSRA rulings may have prompted facilities to develop mammography-specific surveys to overcome limitations with standardized institution-wide surveys.
The surveys adhered to MQSRA guidelines, but the patient information solicited varied from one institution to the next.
This instrument could be used as a template for facilities that want to develop better means of assessing satisfaction and want to become MQSRA compliant.
Space on postcard questionnaires is often limited; therefore, questions are brief, but still fulfill the MQSRA requirement.
Some facilities measure consumer satisfaction to meet MQSRA requirements; however, the effectiveness and utilization of the data collected are unknown.
Second, if a higher response rate were obtained, a more accurate percentage of MQSRA compliance could have been determined.