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MQVMelaleuca Quinquenervia Viridiflora (broad-leafed paperbark tree)
MQVMinimum Quarterly Volume (contracts)
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It was among the first standards groups to standardize public key cryptography schemes, such as RSA encryption and signatures, as well as the Diffie-Hellman and MQV key agreement schemes (over finite fields and elliptic curves).
Based on the MQV protocol, Harn and Lin proposed a generalized multiple key agreement protocol [7].
Robust generalized MQV key agreement protocol without using one-way hash function, Computer Standards & Interfaces, 24 (3) 241-246.
Lots of AKE protocols which have strong security and good performance have been proposed in recent years, such as Internet Key Exchange (IKE) [1] and MQV [2], etc.
Schemes are provided for the agreement of symmetric keys using DiffieHeliman and MQV algorithms.
The MQV algorithm is a variation of the Diffie-Heilman algorithm that has more security attributes and may provide better performance over analogous Diffie-Heilman methods.
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