MR1Machinery Repairman First Class (Naval Rating)
MR1Myofibrillogenesis Regulator 1
MR1Maintenance Release Number 1
MR1Multidrug Resistance Gene-1 (cancer research)
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Isolates If2, If1, Mr1, Bb4, Bb3, Bb2, and Mr2 showed no significant differences in colony growth, varying from 58.2 mm (Mr2) to 75.4 mm (If2).
Quantitative MR1 of cartilage and bone: degenerative changes in osteoarthritis.
Google says it will enable the Pixel Visual Core as an option to developers for the developer preview of Android 8.1 (MR1) in the coming weeks.
Lc= lateral cord; Mcd= medial cord; Mr = medial root; Lr= lateral root; L1= lateral root 1; L2= lateral root 2; L3 = lateral root 3; Mr1 = medial root 1; Mr2 = Medial root 2; Mn = median nerve; Mc = musculocutaneous nerve; Un= ulnar nerve; Mcf= medial cutaneous nerve of forearm; AA= axillary artery; BA= Brachial artery
Geopositions for fish MR1 were estimated fromboth its satellite and acoustic tags.
The final model (see figure 2) presents strong evidence that interactivity is a concept related to actions that the user does or can do, as revealed by variables MR1, IV1, IA2, IA1, MR2 and IM1".
Analysis of the types of the representations presented in P1, A4, M1 and M2 tasks Season Environment Air issue pollution P1 MR1 N MR1, MR2 [right arrow] MR1, MR2 MR1, MR2, MR3, MR1, MR2 N MR5 [right arrow] [right arrow] MR1, MR2 A4 MR1, MR3, MR5 [right arrow] MR1, MR3, MR5 M1 MR1 [right arrow] N MR1, MR4 MR1 [right arrow] MR1 M2 MR1 [right arrow] MR1 [right arrow] MR1 [right arrow] MR1 Note.
Human MR1 encoded on chromosome 1 is highly conserved among mammals and is more closely related to classical class I molecules than are other nonclassical class I family members.[sup][104],[105] The MR1 is responsible for activation of mucosal-associated invariant T-cells expressing semi-invariant T-cell receptors in the presence of bacteria.
iv) Pattern T4 shows high FDDNP PET signal throughout the cortical, subcortical and limbic medial temporal lobe structures, as well as in the white matter areas; this pattern was associated with significant brain atrophy (MR1 or CT); possible comorbidity of CTE with other neurodegenerative diseases may be suspected, such as Alzheimer's or end-stage CTE progressing to and simulating Alzheimer's disease.
616, MR1 Euticals 928 Evonik Corporation 1602, MR13, MR14 F.I.S.--Fabbrica Italiana Sintetici S.p.A.