MRACMusée Royal de l'Afrique Centrale (French)
MRACManitoba Rural Adaptation Council (Canada)
MRACMedium Resource Allocations Committee
MRACModel-Referencing Adaptive Control
MRACMultidisciplinary Research Advisory Committee (various organizations)
MRACMaterial Receipt Acknowledgement Card
MRACMember of the Royal Agricultural College (UK)
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At the same MRAC meeting, Zaidi noted that "DMO's analysis of whether a contract is readily susceptible to manipulation from a futures contract listing standpoint, always ties back to the integrity of the futures contract and the settlement process." (124) The integrity of bitcoin futures contracts depends on the integrity of their reference rate; this is why CME and CFE, along with their constituent exchanges, expended significant effort in designing, implementing, and explaining their respective reference rates.
The Dixon sequence is performed to improve anatomic localization of PET radiotracer uptake over that possible with the MRAC sequence.
Tao, "Output feedback MIMO MRAC schemes with sensor uncertainty compensation," in Proceedings of the American Control Conference, pp.
Wim WENDELEN, curator at the "Muse Royal de l'Afrique Centrale" (MRAC).
In this article, we examine the types and related specimens of Old World Phlebotomine sand flies deposited in the following: US National Museum of Natural History (USNMNH), Smithsonian Institution, Suitland, MD; The Museum of Natural History (MNH), London, UK; Institut de Recherche pour le Developpement (IRD), Montpellier, France; Musee National d"Histoire Naturelle Entomologie (MNHE), Paris, France; Institut Pasteur (IP), Paris, France; Musee Royal de L'Afrique Centrale (MRAC), Dept Entomologie, Tervuren, Belgium.
There are mainly two control strategies: PID control and Model Reference Adaptive Control (MRAC).
For the nonenhanced scan each bed position was started with coronal Dixon-based sequences for MR attenuation correction (MRAC) (breath holding) (19 sec).
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