MRANMotorcycle Racing Association of Nevada
MRANMalam Renungan AIDS Nusantara (Indonesian: Archipelago AIDS Candlelight Memorial)
MRANMinimal Resource Allocating Network
MRANMultioperator Radio Access Network
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According to Jun and Er [30], OSELM as well as the ELM requires much more hidden nodes compared with MRAN that would increase the processing time in real-time applications.
(36) Than Tun, Khet honh mran ma rajavan [History of early Myanmar] (Yangon: Mahadagum, 1969), p.
Khan is also in talks with militant roups as well and said he would use his influence in the tribal areas to reconcile with them," mran said.
During this visit Director of CIA Chief, David Petraeus and the newly appointed Military Chief, General Martin Dempsey Mran accompanied Mrs.
Other activists involved in the campaign include lawyer Abduljabar Al Tayeb as a legal consultant, Atteyah Rohani as programmes co-ordinator, Mohammed Al Mran as community organisations co-ordinator, Zainab Abdulla as youth programme co-ordinator, Mohammed Al Shuroqi as media co-ordinator and Manashi Cohen as international campaign co-ordinator.
Defence QC David Burns, for mran Shahid, suggested that at he time of the alleged abduction in March 2004 Mr Wallace was rinking heavily, smoking annabis and was taking largactyl for paranoia.
The regular appearance of [CHINESE CHARACTERS NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] begins sporadically in Targum Job and in the New Jerusalem text from Qu mran and is regular in Nabataean.
I MRAN Khan proves that despite having good intentions for the country, his style of leading the party almost ensures that he is bound to have weak support from his party members.
Imran action mran ction over future the uture ig s , -KENNY McDOWALL has revealed Rangers will have the youngest squad in the club's history when they entertain Clyde this afternoon.
(12) [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] Twinthin Taikwun Mahasitthu, Tvan'" San'" e* Mran 'ma Rajavan 'sac' (Ran'kuin': Mangala pumnhip 'tuik', 1968).
The view that the community at Qumran was only part of a larger Essene movement has been expressed previously in the so-called Oroningen hypothesis (presented for the first time by Florentino Garcia Martinez in "Qu mran Origins and Early History: A Groningen Hypothesis' Folio Orientalia 25 [1988]: 113-36).